Succession Planning

Succession planning is the #2 business concern of SMEs. The statistics below illustrate why it is a high level of concern*:

  • 49% of business owners have an urgent succession planning need;
  • 9 in 10 business owners don’t have a succession plan in place; and
  • Only 9% of businesses are ready for sale and 70% of business owners have not set a retirement date.

We believe the reason why there is a lack of action is most business owners don’t fully understand what succession planning is and where to go for advice and support.

We specialise in business succession planning. This is more than selling your business, reviewing your insurance and/or preparing a financial or retirement plan. We have a proven 5 step succession planning service that allows business owners to smoothly transition both ownership and management succession of their business, on their terms, price and timeline.

Our Succession Planning Service features:

  1. Understanding yours and your successor/s needs and aspirations;
  2. Providing an independent business valuation and then establishing value improvement targets;
  3. Preparing a formal family and business succession plan;
  4. Obtaining expert advice (if needed);
  5. Providing training to your successors and ongoing support to ensure your succession plan goals and objectives are implemented.

The objective of our Succession Planning Service is to give you piece of mind knowing you are in control of your future business and family succession.

We charge a fixed fee for each stage of our Succession Planning Service so you don’t incur costs for services that are not required.

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*2016/17 SME Research Report.

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