Business Valuation

8 in 10 business owners want to value and benchmark their business*

Why? Many business owners regard their business as their “Superannuation”. That is, they are expecting the proceeds of the sale of their business to fund their next business venture or retirement.

Unfortunately, most business owners believe their business is worth more than what it actually is. As a result, many are not only disappointed when their business fails meet their price expectation but they also have a shortfall of funds to support their retirement.

At Focus Partners, we are passionate about advising private and family business owners on how to grow the value of their business to achieve financial independence and security. We offer a range of specialised business valuation services including:

  • Valuation benchmarking services to compare your business value to the industry average and benchmark.
  • Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice services to identify areas for value improvement, get your business ready for sale and give you advice on what you can do to maximise the value of your business.
  • Business valuation services for boards of advice, succession planning, tax planning/minimisation, asset protection, insurance, well creation, financing and other professional service’s needs.
  • Formal business valuation services for disputes, relationship breakdowns and other professional litigation service’s needs.

We provide cost effective, best of breed business valuation services as we have access to:

  • A patented business valuation tool that scientifically calculates the value of a business;
  • The largest, most accurate, real time valuation benchmarks database.

We will charge you a professional services fee depending on your engagement with us.

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*2016/17 SME Research Report.

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