Board of Advice Program

As the business grows, owners of private and family businesses seek out specialist advice on:

  • How to protect their business,
  • Grow its value and;
  • Maximise the capital value on exit so they can achieve financial independence

In order to provide support to private and family businesses we offer a unique strategic Board of Advice Program service.

Our Board of Advice Program features:

  • Valuing your business to determine its true value;
  • Analysing and tracking your business profit and cash flow to budgets and targets;
  • Comparing your business performance to financial and industry performance benchmarks;
  • Regular meetings to:
    • Track how your business in performing against its financial goals;
    • Discuss any governance matters that need to be addressed and resolved to reduce your business risks;
    • Manage strategic growth opportunities as they arise and address any operating matters that are affecting your business performance;
    • Agree strategies and action plans that will make your business more profitable and valuable;
    • Introduce a trusted team of experts where specialised advice is required;
  • Periodically re-valuing your business to quantity the value created.

The objective of our Board of Advice Program is to provide an independent sounding board so enabling you to make informed decisions on how you can strategically grow and transition the value of your business.

We charge a fixed monthly fee for our Board of Advice Program to spread the cost of this service over a 12 month period.

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