CFO Program

Our SME Research confirms small business owners want professional advice on how they can grow profits and improve cash flows.

95%* of business owners believe there are exciting opportunities to grow their business, however 72%* don’t have a growth and improvement plan in place.

To help small business owners grow their sales, improve their performance and build a successful business we offer a unique CFO Program which includes:

  • Conducting a workshop to identify business risks;
  • Preparation of profit and cash flow budgets in line with your financial goals;
  • Benchmarking your business to identify its strengths and weaknesses;
  • Meeting with you regularly to:
    • Track how your business in performing against its financial goals;
    • Discuss any variances and the impact these will have on your future profit and cash flow;
    • Agree strategies and action plans that will minimise risks make your business more profitable and valuable.

The goal of our CFO Program is to give small business owners the confidence to make changes in their business to not only survive but thrive.

By regularly meeting we will:

  1. Ensure you are accountable for implementing these changes; and
  2. Act as your sounding board so you can make fully informed financial decisions.

We charge small business owners a fixed monthly fee for our CFO Program to spread the cost of this service over a 12 month period.

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*2016/17 SME Research Report.

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